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Finland tourist attractions: what to see in Finland

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Finland is a tourist destination dreamed of by children to be the land of Santa Claus. But Finland has many tourist attractions and various reasons to make a visit pleasant and interesting. There are wild natural areas such as Lapland, areas of forests and lakes such as the region of the east of the country, pristine islands and a beautiful and clean capital, the city of Helsinki.


Along the western coast of Finland is the picturesque city of Rauma, which is part of the UNESCO heritage. A little further north is the university city of Oulu. In addition to the capital Helsinki, which is one of Europe’s most modern and culturally advanced cities, another city to visit is the city of Turku, the oldest in the country and the former Finnish capital.

Near Helsinki, in Naantali there is the theme park dedicated to the children of the Muumin World. To the east of Helsinki are the military cities of Hamina, and that of Kotka, home to an imperial fishing residence.

Do not miss a visit to the 6,500 islands and rocks of the Åland Archipelago. These are islands of ancient Swedish culture, here are the oldest churches in Finland, which date back to the 12th century and some noble Swedish castles. If you want to relax and recharge your batteries, Finland is the place for you.

The Lakes Region is the largest lakes area in Europe. An area rich in lakes, islands, rivers, forests and canals, extends over the south-eastern section of the country, and represents one of Finland ‘s most important tourist attractions.

Lapland, the northernmost part of the country, is the most interesting region in Finland. This region is rich in pure natural landscapes, there are plains, hills and mountains, forests, lakes and rivers.

In Rovaniemi, a town located right on the Arctic Circle, there is what is normally called the Only Real House of Santa Claus. Here children can visit the famous Santa Claus Village where there is also the post office which receives letters from children from all over the world addressed to Santa Claus.

The climate of Finland.


One of Finland ‘s natural attractions is undoubtedly the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights, which in Finnish is called “revontulet”, a word that means “fox fires” is a phenomenon caused by solar activity. This spectacular phenomenon manifests itself in the form of colored light that seems to dance on dark winter nights in places close to the north pole and the Arctic circle.

To see a Northern Lights you need to be in a completely dark area away from artificial lights. The best time to observe it from Finland are the months of February-March and September-October, although the northern lights can also be seen during the other months of the year, especially in the winter, while during the summer it is difficult to see it because of the nights too short and not very dark.


In northern Finland, in the summer, during the months of June and July, the sun never sets. This causes the famous phenomenon of the Midnight Sun.

Visibility of the midnight sun in Finland
Utsjoki (69°52′) 16 May – 27 July
Ivalo (68°40′) 22 May – 21 July
Sodankylä (67°25′) 29 May – 14 July
Rovaniemi (66°30′) 6 June – 7 July
Kuusamo (65°59′) 12 June – 30 July
Kemi (65°45′) 18 June – 24 July



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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