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How to get to Finland. Flights to Finland


The largest and most important airport of Finland is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL). From this airport transit flights from major European cities and the rest of the world connected with Finland, also depart from here flights to other cities in Finland. Finnair is the national airline of Finland. Other airports with international flights are in Turku (TKU), Oulu (OUL), Tampere (TMP), Vaasa (VAA) and Lappeenranta (LPP). In Lapland, the most important airports are those of Ivalo (IVL), Kittilä (KTT) and Rovaniemi (RVN).


International Transport: The main connections by rail are those from Helsinki to St. Petersburg, the two cities are from each other only 3 hours by train. From St. Petersburg you can easily reach Moscow and other Russian cities. The rail link with Sweden has little traffic due to the different gauge railway lines of the two countries.

Domestic transport: The Finnish railway network has a length of almost 6,000 km, the railways are quite common in the south and center of the country, but there exists little far north, in Lapland, are connected by trains only the city of Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi and Kolari.

Rovaniemi, Finland. Author Tarja Ryhannen Mitrovic. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution..

Rovaniemi, Finland. Author Tarja Ryhannen Mitrovic


International Transport: Finland is connected by several ferry with several countries bordering the Baltic Sea. The most frequent service is the connection of ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans between Helsinki and Tallinn in Estonia. There are also ferries from Finland to Stockholm in Sweden.

Domestic Transport: Numerous ferries connect the mainland with the main islands of Aaland archipelago.


International Transport: Finland is connected by an extensive bus network with neighboring countries, particularly Russia and Sweden.

Domestic Transport: The bus that connects the major cities and towns in Finland is very well developed, the bus network is called ExpressBus and is managed by a group of more than 20 transport companies that cover with their buses the whole country.

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