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The climate of Finland: when to go to Finland

Situated in the extreme north of Europe, Finland is a kind of cool temperate climate, relatively mild, compared to its geographical position. The Finnish climate is characterized by cold, dry winters and hot summers, temperatures undergo significant seasonal variations.

As for rainfall, they are not very intense, and during the cold winters fall as snow, rains are more intense in autumn, the driest area of the country is Lapland, where there are less than 500 mm of rain (or snow) per year, the wettest part of Finland is the southwestern coast, where there are 600-700 mm of precipitation per year.

During summer nights are very short and in the northern part of the country the sun remains constantly above the horizon for several weeks, this phenomenon is called the “midnight sun”. Winters are dark, long and cold with temperatures in Lapland, can reach -20°C, the climate is very dry.

In winter, in Lapland, the sun never rises, this phenomenon lasts for almost two months in the northern part of the country. Snow falls in northern Finland, from November and begins to melt at the end of May. In southern and central Finland snow arrives in December and melts at the end of March.

The capital Helsinki has a climate of transition between the maritime climate and the continental climate. Summers are warm with temperatures in July average maximum of 22°C and average minimum temperature of 12°C, the days are long (between June and July there are almost 19 hours of sun a day) and sunny. As of the end of September the weather starts to cool dramatically and the days are reduced considerably in length. The winters are harsh and snowy with average maximum temperatures in February of -3°C and average minimum temperature of -9°C.


The best time to travel to Finland are the months from May to September, which have warm, long and bright days.

Climate of Helsinki.


HELSINKI (55 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January -8,1 -2,4 54  23
February -8,9 -2,7 37  20
March -5,4 1,5 37  17
April -0,2 8,7 32  12
May 4,8 15,8 39  12
June 9,5 19,6 61  14
July 12,6 22,5 66  13
August 11,3 20,5 79  15
September 6,9 14,8 64  16
October 2,7 8,6 82  18
November -2,1 2,6 73  21
December -6,0 -0,7 58  24
YEAR 1,4 9,1 682  205



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