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Estonia tourist attractions: what to see in Estonia

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The main tourist attractions of Estonia are to be found in the art and history of the most important cities in the country. But not only that, also in the culture and traditions of the populations that inhabit it. Finally in the natural attractions of the largely well preserved territory of this Nordic country.


The main attraction of Estonia and the country’s tourist destination par excellence is the capital Tallinn. Ancient city of the Hanseatic League, important center of the Baltic trade since the Middle Ages. This city is today the often unique destination for tourists visiting Estonia. Tallinn preserves a wonderful medieval old town with some of the best preserved architecture in Northern Europe. UNESCO has also noticed this and has included Tallinn among the world heritage sites.

The rest of the country still has other interesting historic towns. Among these, the university city of Tartu with its historic center full of neo-classical buildings. Then the seaside and spa town of Parnu, located along the southern coast at the end of a large gulf.

The tourist attractions of Estonia to be discovered are the castles and stately homes scattered throughout the territory. Estonia has fascinating medieval castles such as the castle of the Bishop of Kuressaare on the island of Saaremaa, or the Hermann castle in Narva, on the border with Russia.

The architectural history of Estonia reflects the different dominations that have taken place in the country. There are also pre-Christian fortresses, a large number of medieval castles and churches from all historical periods.

Estonian territory is made up of almost half of its surface by wooded areas and forests. There are unspoiled natural environments rich in lakes, marshes and rivers. Western Estonia is characterized by vast expanses of land rich in animal (bird) and plant life (junipers and pines). Estonia protects the nature of its territory through 5 national parks and over a hundred protected nature reserves.



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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