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The attractions of Ireland: what to see in Ireland

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The Ireland tourist attractions are linked to its history and its magnificent landscape. This is the land of green pastures, which presents itself to the traveler who arrives from the sea with one of the most beautiful and wildest coasts in Europe. A place where you can enjoy a sense of timelessness, traveling through hills and valleys deeply marked by the culture and tradition of the ancient inhabitants, the Celts.

A land blessed with a relaxing nature but with sometimes surprising natural scenarios. A land whipped by the winds, shaped by the waves, which have carved its coasts. Island inhabited in the past by Celts and Vikings. But deeply marked by Christianity that spread in Ireland between the third and fifth centuries AD. Ireland is pervaded by a strong national identity which is found mainly in traditional music and in the Gaelic language. But also in the cultural and religious traditions still well rooted.

Ireland is a country of wide, slightly undulating green spaces, a relaxing pastoral territory but which often shows itself in its wild beauty along the coast. The island is best known for its natural beauty, which includes the stunning cliffs of the Cliffs of Moher which are the most famous and spectacular attractions of Ireland.


The Irish territory and its 3,500 km of coastline are home to a remarkable diversity of landscapes. The Irish coast is very varied, ranging from long sandy beaches to rugged rocky cliffs. We go from the headlands to the long and deep inlets. While in the interior there are green mountains, pastures, lakes, marshes, undulating hills.

Across the country there are attractive villages and pleasant cities, such as the capital Dublin. There are interesting prehistoric and religious sites, suggestive ruins of castles and abbeys dating back to the Middle Ages.

Ireland has a rich historical heritage. Some of the most beautiful places from a historical point of view are Donegal Castle, Sligo Abbey. Also interesting are the monastic complex of Skellig Michael, Kilkenny Castle, Clonmacnoise, the Rock of Cashel. Finally the archaeological site of the Bend of the Boyne with the prehistoric sites of Newgrange and Knowth that UNESCO has included in the world heritage of humanity.

Among the beauties of Irish nature in addition to the aforementioned Cliffs of Moher, we find the beach covered with coral remains of Carraroe in Connemara. Connemara park is another magical place, as are the nearby Aran islands. The Burren territory, largely protected by a national park, is formed by eroded limestone hills and is another curiosity of Ireland. Northern Ireland has that natural wonder that responds to the name of Giant’s Causeway, a coastal area made up of thousands of hexagonal basalt columns.

Definitely to do is the Ring of Kerry. A tourist and scenic route, which runs through much of the Iveragh peninsula. This route crossing, in its 200 km long, postcard landscapes that are a concentrate of the scenic beauty of Ireland.

The climate of Ireland.



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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