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How to get to Macedonia. Flights to North Macedonia

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North Macedonia is connected to the rest of Europe via two international airports. These airports are used to arrive in the country. The airport of the country’s capital, Skopje Airport and the smaller Ohrid Airport (Ohrid Airport). The capital’s airport is the most important in the country. This airport has several air connections with the main European countries and with some countries in the Middle East. The airport of the city of Ohrid has few seasonal flights and some charter flights mostly from the Netherlands and Austria.


Taking a flight is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to North Macedonia. The country is directly connected mainly with the airports of Austria, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey and Serbia. Not many flights connect directly to North Macedonia. An alternative to direct flights is to fly to the airports of Vienna, Zurich, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade and then take a connection to Skopje airport.


International Transport: North Macedonia is located on the railway line that connects Greece to Serbia. This line passing through the capital of the country, Skopje, is the main line of the country. An east-west railway linking Bulgaria with Macedonia is currently under construction.

National Transport: Macedonia has a small rail network (900 km) serving some cities. There are frequent trips from Skopje to Ohrid, Bitola, Tetovo and to the most important regional towns.


International Transport: There are several bus connections that connect the country with all neighboring countries and also with other European countries. Buses are frequent, and offer inexpensive fares and professional service. Buses to Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia and Germany leave from Skopje International Bus Station. Taking an international bus can be a good alternative for getting to the country.

National Transport: Macedonia has a good internal network of bus lines that connect the main population centers of the country and also some of the smaller villages.

The climate of the country.

This post is also available in: Deutsch