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Macedonia tourist attractions: what to see in Macedonia

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The Republic of North Macedonia has a rich heritage of cultural, artistic and architectural attractions. Its churches and mosques contain many fine examples of art and architecture of the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The cultural and natural heritage of the Ohrid region is part of the places entered in the UNESCO World Heritage list.


The attractions of North Macedonia are mainly composed of beautiful Byzantine churches with wonderful frescoes of the eleventh and sixteenth centuries (the best example are the frescoes of the monastery of St Pantelejmon in Ohrid) and collections of Orthodox icons in churches across the country, in Macedonia there are thousands of Byzantine icons dating from the eleventh to the fourteenth century, it is one of the most important collections of icons in the world.


In Skopje, there is much to see, the Old City of Skopje is the most attractive part of town, here is the Church of the Holy Saviour with its intricately carved iconostasis. Also in the old city are the Kursumli An (XVI century), the caravanserais Suli An (XV century), the Daut Pasha Aman (public bath of the fifteenth century) with its two large and 11 small domes, the clock tower of the sixteenth century.

Still in Skopje there are mosques and other buildings dating from the Ottoman period, are very beautiful the mosque of Mustafa-pasha of the fifteenth century, the old Kale fortress from the tenth century and the magnificent pedestrian bridge that crosses the river Vardar. Many of the Orthodox Christian monasteries and churches are decorated with beautiful frescoes and other works of art. Near Skopje is located the Monastery of Nerezi with the adjoining church of St. Pantelejmon of the twelfth century, full of magnificent Byzantine frescoes.

Among the most important archaeological sites to visit include Stobi (Gradsko), Heraklea Lyncestis in Bitola, Lychnidos, the church of St. Sophia in Ohrid, and Scupi in Skopje, in Ohrid are historical artifacts such as a Roman amphitheater and the Via Egnatia. The country is also known for its winter tourism.


Nature is another good reason to visit the country, mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, characterize the natural aspect of Macedonia, in the country there are three national parks: Pelister, Mavrovo, Mount Galichica, and the Jasen Forest Reserve. Among the natural curiosities the so-called City of Rock in Kuklica consists of rocky pinnacles with bizarre shapes due to the effects of water and wind erosion on the rocks.

The climate of North Macedonia.

This post is also available in: Deutsch