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The climate of Macedonia: when to go to Macedonia

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Macedonia has a pronounced continental climate with cold winters, pronounced variations in temperatures and temperatures that can drop to -15 degrees. The summers are hot with temperatures that can reach 40 degrees. The dry air makes, however, tolerable the extreme temperatures.

Macedonia in addition to the continental climate that is prevalent in most of the country, has, in its higher areas, a typical alpine or mountain climate with long and snowy winters and short, cool summers. In lowland areas, especially in the south, the climate is temperate and is also influenced by the Mediterranean Sea which moderates winter temperatures.

Annual rainfall varies between 1,700 mm in the mountains, and up to less than 500 mm in the valley of the Vardar river. Rainfall is higher in the mountains of western and eastern. The snow in the winter is a frequent occurrence especially at higher altitudes, the capital Skopje has an average of 20 snow days per year.

Summer temperatures are in line with the Mediterranean climate (average July: 25°C-26°C in the lowland areas), but the winters are harsh (January average: 0°C to 2°C). In the capital Skopje, the average minimum temperatures vary between -3°C in January and 15°C in July. The average maximum temperature ranges between 31°C in July and 5°C in January.


Late spring, summer and early autumn are best time to go, the best seasons for a trip to North Macedonia.


SKOPJE (240 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January -3,8 4,5 30  10 (5)
February -2,3 8,3 29  9 (5)
March 1,6 14,0 38  10 (3)
April 5,4 19,1 40  10 (0,2)
May 10,0 24,4 43  11
June 13,7 28,8 54  10
July 15,8 31,4 38  7
August 15,7 31,5 36  6
September 11,6 26,5 34  6
October 7,2 19,8 49  7 (0,1)
November 1,8 11,5 45  9 (2)
December -1,8 5,5 48  11 (5)
YEAR 6,2 18,8 483  106 (20)

This post is also available in: Deutsch Русский