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The climate of Brussels: when to go to Brussels

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The climate of Brussels is like that of most of Belgium, a kind of climate temperate-oceanic. The climate is  influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, but also from the influence of the continental climate coming from inside the European continent.

Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year with monthly negligible differences. In average annually fall just over 800 mm of rain, the rainy days are 199 in a year. The months with the most rainy days are December and January with 19 days of rain per month. As the months with fewer days of rain are July and August with 14 days of rain per month.

Snow is quite frequent in winter, normally Brussels have 24 snowy days per year in the months between November and April. The months of January and February with more than 5 snow days per month are the months with the most snowfall. The number of frost days in a year is approximately 60.

The temperatures are influenced both by the ocean air and the continental air, this leads to rather cold winters with average minimum temperatures between -1 ° C and 0 ° C – between December and February – and mild summers, with average maximum temperatures between 21 ° C and 23 ° C between June and September. The hours of sunshine per year in Brussels are only 1,546.


The best time to visit Brussels are the mild months between late spring and early autumn, namely those between May and September.

Brussels: a modern city with a beautiful historical center.


BRUSSELS (13 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January 0,7 5,7 76,1  19,2 (5,2)
February 0,7 6,6 63,1  16,3 (5,9)
March 3,1 10,4 70,0  17,8 (3,2)
April 5,3 14,2 51,3  15,9 (2,4)
May 9,2 18,1 66,5  16,2
June 11,9 20,6 71,8  15,0
July 14,0 23,0 73,5  14,3
August 13,6 22,6 79,3  14,5
September 10,9 19,0 68,9  15,7
October 7,8 14,7 74,5  16,6
November 4,1 9,5 76,4  18,8 (2,4)
December 1,6 6,1 81,0  19,3 (4,6)
YEAR 6,9 14,2 852,4  199 (24,1)



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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