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Malines (Mechelen), Belgium. Author Cornischong. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Malines (Mechelen), Belgium. Author Cornischong

How to get to Belgium: flights, trains, buses, ferries


International Flights: The most important airport of Belgium is the Brussels International Airport, the capital’s airport which is located 13 km north-east of the city center. All international flights landing in Belgium arrive at Brussels International Airport.

Other airports in the country are those of Charleroi, Antwerp and Ostend. The Brussels South Charleroi Airport, is located 1 hour from Brussels, the airport is mainly used by charter flights to Greece, Tunisia, etc..

The Antwerp International Airport, is located in Antwerp, about 1 hour drive from Brussels, it has flights to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany. The Ostend-Bruges International Airport is a small airport near Ostend used by low cost airlines and charter flights.

Domestic Flights: There are no domestic flights between the cities of Belgium.

Cathedral, Tournai, Belgium. Author Jean-Pol GRANDMONT. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

Cathedral, Tournai, Belgium. Author Jean-Pol GRANDMONT


International Transport: Belgium is well-connected with rail networks in all the countries neighboring to it, there are train connections of high-speed lines with Paris in France, London in the UK, Cologne (Koln) in Germany and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Domestic transport: B-Rail has a dense network of trains connects all of Belgium. The Belgian railway network is very complex and there are efficient, modern and punctual trains. The main Belgian cities are connected by a train every hour.


International Transport: Eurolines: has bus connecting Belgium with many European countries.

Domestic Transport: TEC has buses serving Wallonia. De Lijn has buses serving Flanders. De Kust Tramway is a tramway service along the Belgian coast. The subway is only in the city of Brussels.


Some ports of Belgium, such as Ostend, are connected by regular ferry services with the United Kingdom.

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