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Shoal Bay East, Anguilla. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini..
Shoal Bay East, Anguilla. Author Marco Ramerini..

Beaches of Anguilla: the paradise of the Caribbean

Anguilla’s major tourist attractions are its beaches of fine white sand and deserted, which contrasts with beautifully turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The island has a total of 33 beaches, of which about a dozen are truly superlative, these include Shoal Bay East, Cove Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Savannah Bay, Meads Bay, Shoal Bay West, Maunday’s Bay.

The best beach of Anguilla is Shoal Bay East, but all the beaches in Anguilla are to visit and explore.


Shoal Bay East, Anguilla. Author and Copyright Marco Ramerini..

Shoal Bay East, Anguilla. Author Marco Ramerini..

The most beautiful beach in Anguilla is without a doubt  Shoal Bay East, that is considered among the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. This beach is located along the north-east coast of the island and consists of a long stretch of fine white sand about a mile and a half long, which overlooks along a turquoise colored sea.

Highly recommended for a relaxing walk along the beach until you get to the tip of fine white sand, where it begins the Upper Shoal Bay, a shorter and less frequented stretch of the beach of Shoal Bay East.

The sea is generally calm and protected by a coral reef , here the water is not too deep and so the beach is also suitable for bathing infants.

The beach also has a minimum of equipment, you can rent umbrellas and chairs (10 $ per day) and relax in the Caribbean sun, there are also several restaurants (Gwen ‘s Reggae Bar, Elodia ‘s Bar & Grill, Sandpipers and Uncle Ernie’s) and some hotels, between the hotels that overlook the beach there are the Kú and Shoal Bay Villas.

Trivia: Near the beach of Shoal Bay East, specifically in the interior west of the beach, is the Fountain Cavern, a large limestone cave where were discovered Amerindian petroglyphs and a large stalagmite carved depicting the god Jocahu a god of the Arawak Indians. The cave, which is one of the best preserved archaeological Amerindians sites in the Caribbean, is on the Tentative List of UNESCO, but unfortunately it is not open to the public for the moment.


This beach is a continuation of Shoal Bay East, in practice it is the part of Shoal Bay East that goes beyond the tip.


Beautiful beach, along the southwestern coast, among the least (for now) affected by the urban expansion which unfortunately sometimes in Anguilla is very intrusive. Great beach for children.


A beautiful beach located at the south-west of the island, unfortunately, in part, disfigured by horrendous constructions just behind of sandy shore.


Beautiful beach on the northwest coast of Anguilla, one of the longest on the island, with water high enough since the shore, not too suitable for children.


Beach at the eastern end of the island to reach it you have to take a detour on a dirt road, secluded beaches and wild, but unfortunately it seems that there are pharaonic projects for its tourist exploitation. The beach sand is pink.


Beach located along the southwestern coast of the island between Cove Bay and Shoal Bay West, is virtually the beach of luxury hotel Cap Juluca.


Long stretch of white sand on the southwest coast of Anguilla is basically an extension of the northern shore of Cove Bay. Great for kids.

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