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Bahrain: islands of sandy and coral origin

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The Bahrain (Dawlat al-Bahrain) is an emirate which consists of about 30 islands located off the eastern coast of the Arabian peninsula in the Persian Gulf between the Qatar peninsula and the coast of Saudi Arabia, it’s capital is the city of Manama.

The islands are of coral and sand, the most important are: Bahrain, the largest (572 sq km), Hawar (38 sq km), Umm Nasan (19 sq km), Muharraq (17 sq km), Sitra (10 sq km ). The highest point in the country is Jabal Dukhan (122 meters) on the island of Bahrain.

More than half of the population is foreign and came in Bahrain due to job opportunities offered by the country. The indigenous inhabitants are all Muslim, but of all residents of the small kingdom 70% of the population follows the Muslim religion, 15% the Christian religion and another 15% other religions.


Bahrain’s economy is based on the exploitation of no numerous oil fields, oil refining, finance and trade. Agriculture has developed and produces dates, citrus fruits, rice, tomatoes, vegetables, some importance is covered by fishing in particular that of the pearl oysters.

Tourism is becoming an important resource for the small kingdom of Bahrain, the country’s architecture combines modern Arab culture and the archaeological legacy of five thousand years of civilization. Among the most visited places in Bahrain are the remains of several forts built by the Portuguese, including Qalat Al Bahrain which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The climate.

  • Area: 678 sqkm. (Arable 9%, Pastures 0%, Forests and Woodlands 0%, Uncultivated and Unproductive 91%)
  • Population: 700,000 (2006 data) Including immigrants (about 240,000 people) (Arabs 70%, Asian (Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, Bengali), Europeans, Americans).
  • State Capital: Manama.
  • Languages: The official language is Arabic.
  • Religion: Muslim 80% (Shi’a 45%, Sunni 35%), Christian 10%, other religions 10%.
  • Currency: Bahrain Dinar (BHD)
  • Time: UTC +3 hours.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 繁體中文 Deutsch Русский