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The climate of Chartres: when to go to Chartres

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Chartres is located in the transition climate zone between the oceanic and continental climates. This makes the city’s climate relatively cool, not too hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The variations between the seasonal temperatures are not very marked. The average minimum temperatures vary between 0 ° C in winter and 12 ° C in summer, while the average maximum temperatures vary between 5 ° C in winter and 23 ° C in summer.

The climate of the Chartres region is rather cool and the temperature during the winter often reaches rather low values, with average minimum temperatures between 0 ° C and 1 ° C between December and February. The frost is present for 56 days a year. Spring can be quite cold and sometimes rainy, summer is sometimes hot, but never excessively, the average maximum summer temperatures vary between 20 ° C and 24 ° C.

Rainfall is distributed equally throughout the year, but it is not very abundant, in fact the average annual amount of rainfall is about 600 mm. Snow falls quite frequently in winter, on average there are 15 days of snow per year. The hours of sunshine are not many, only 1,749 per year, even less than in Paris.


The best time to visit Chartres are the summer months between June and September. In these months the climate is milder and there is less chance of having rain.


CHARTRES (155 meters)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Precip. (mm)Precip. days
January1,26,449,2 10,4
February1,07,640,2 9,1
March3,211,544,4 9,7
April4,814,745,0 9,0
May8,318,454,7 9,9
June11,221,848,2 8,0
July13,224,656,5 7,7
August13,124,643,0 6,5
September10,420,946,9 7,7
October7,815,962,3 10,0
November4,110,252,2 10,4
December1,86,756,3 10,8
YEAR6,715,3598,9 109,1



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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