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Punta del Diablo: a fishing village along the Atlantic coast of Uruguay

Punta del Diablo is a small fishing village located along the Atlantic coast of Uruguay at about 300 km east of Montevideo, about 170 km east of Punta del Este and a few dozen kilometers from the border with Brazil. The village normally has less than 1,000 inhabitants, but during the summer it becomes one of the most popular seaside resorts of Uruguay and can reach 25,000 residents due to the large influx of tourists from Argentina, Brazil, Europe and the same Uruguay.

The area where there is Punta del Diablo is dotted with palm trees and pastures where grazing cattle with long horns. The country is still largely made ​​up of old wooden houses, although in recent years has significantly developed it still remains a quiet place. Punta del Diablo is characterized by some beautiful beaches, in front of the village is the characteristic Playa de los Pescadores where fishermen park their fishing boats and where they sell the day’s catch. Just north of the village lies the Playa del Rivero beyond which begins Playa Grande and the National Park of Santa Teresa. South of Punta del Diablo is the long and wild Playa de la Viuda.

Behind Punta del Diablo is the Laguna Negra a large mirror of fresh water. At the end of the village – to the north and to the border with Brazil – starts the Parque Nacional de Santa Teresa where it is worth visiting the Fortress of Santa Teresa, built by the Portuguese in 1762 and that changed hands several times. The Fortress of Santa Teresa is a building with irregular pentagonal plan with large bastions at five sides. The park has a very diverse flora and fauna, along the coast of the park there are five wild beaches: Playa Grande, Playa del Barco, Playa de Las Achiras, Playa de La Moza and Playa Cerro Verde. Inside the park there is also the ​​marine and coastal protected area of ​​Cerro Verde and Islas de la Coronilla.

Among other natural attractions to visit in the area, a few tens of kilometers south of Punta del Diablo is the National Park of Cabo Polonio. While about 50 km north of Punta del Diablo – on the border with Brazil – is the National Park of San Miguel with the Fuerte de San Miguel, built by the Portuguese in 1737.

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