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The climate of Uruguay: when to go to Uruguay

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The climate in Uruguay is temperate oceanic type, with average maximum and minimum temperatures in June, respectively of 15 ° C and 7 ° C,  and in January, respectively of 28 ° C and 18 ° C. The rains are well distributed throughout the year, the country has an average annual rainfall of 1,000 mm.

The Uruguay climate – because of the shape of its territory flat and without major mountains – is heavily influenced by oceanic influence, which features – with the winds and ocean currents –  the climate of the country. The winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean bring rain at any time of year, but especially in autumn and spring. The warm ocean current from Brazil reduces the temperature range of annual temperatures in the country.

In most of Uruguay spring is usually wet , cool and windy, summer is hot, the autumn is mild while winter is cold and wet. In spring and winter usually a strong cold wind blows called Pampero.

Rainfall is higher in the north of the country, where are reached a maximum of 1,300 mm of rain per year. The rain falls in the south of the country where there are on average about 850 mm of precipitation per year. The amount of monthly rainfall does not vary much, but in principle the months of February, March, April, September and October are the wettest.

The sea water temperature is above 20 ° C from December to mid-April, reaching 22 ° C between January and March.


The best season for a visit Uruguay is undoubtedly the summer between December and March.  A decent season is also spring, which runs from September to November.

Montevideo climate.

Punta del Este climate.


MONTEVIDEO (43 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 18,0 28,4 86,8  6
February 17,9 27,5 101,5  7
March 16,2 25,5 104,6  6
April 12,9 22,0 85,5  6
May 10,2 18,6 89,0  6
June 7,7 15,1 83,1  7
July 7,2 15,0 86,4  7
August 7,8 16,2 88,2  6
September 9,1 18,0 93,9  6
October 11,5 20,5 108,5  7
November 14,2 23,7 89,3  7
December 16,3 26,5 84,4  6
YEAR 12,4 21,4 1101,2  77

Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 22
February 22
March 22
April 19
May 16
June 13
July 11
August 11
September 11
October 14
November 17
December 20

This post is also available in: Deutsch