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The climate of the Netherlands: when to go to Holland

The Netherlands are in the area affected by the Atlantic climate, but the inland areas of the country are also influenced by the continental influences from the heart of Europe. The influence of the Atlantic Ocean results in a climate characterized by mild summers and cool winters, with extreme variability, strong winds and frequent rainfall.

The Netherlands can be found in all seasons in the path of depressions from the pole. This explains the frequency of cloudiness and rainfall throughout the year, rainfall is frequent but they are not abundant, annual averages ranging between 600 mm and 800 mm.

The summers are cool with highs of 25°C, the winters are cold with frequent frosts and fogs, but not harsh, with temperatures around 0°C. Amsterdam has a mild climate, but the weather is extremely variable even in summer.

The rains are constant in every month of the year, there are on average 184 days of rain per year, on a monthly basis there are a maximum of 18 days of rain during the month of November and a minimum of 13 days of rain in the month of April. Snow falls between November and April, on average there are 25 snow days per year, the months of January and February are the ones with more snow days, these months have in fact an average of 6 days of snow per month.


The best time for a trip to the Netherlands are between April and September. Spring is a good time to visit the Netherlands, because the bulbs of flowers are in full bloom this season. April is the best month for daffodils, while in May it is for tulips.

Amsterdam climate: when to go.


AMSTERDAM (-3 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January 0,8 5,8 66,6  12 (6)
February 0,5 6,3 50,7  10 (6)
March 2,6 9,6 60,6  11 (4)
April 4,6 13,5 40,9  9 (2)
May 8,2 17,4 55,6  10
June 10,8 19,7 66,0  10
July 12,0 22,0 76,5  10
August 11,8 22,1 85,9  10
September 10,6 18,8 82,4  12
October 7,5 14,5 89,6  13
November 4,2 9,7 87,2  13 (3)
December 1,5 6,4 76,3  13 (5)
YEAR 6,3 13,8 838,2  132 (26)



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