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Amsterdam airport. How to get to Amsterdam

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Amsterdam has several air links with many European countries that arrive at the city’s main airport: the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Other flights also arrive in the most distant and rather inconvenient airports of Rotterdam (which is located over 50 km from the Dutch capital) and Eindhoven (located more than 110 km from Amsterdam).

Schiphol airport is the most important Dutch airport and the fourteenth airport in the world by number of passengers (with over 34 million passengers in 2018). This airport is considered one of the best airports in the world. The airport of the Dutch capital is very convenient, in fact it is located just 10 km south of the city center with which it is connected by trains that leave from the station located directly below the airport (15 minutes to reach the city center) and several bus. The airport is the headquarters of the KLM and the Dutch low cost airline Transavia.

There are also two other airports at some distance from Amsterdam: the airports of the cities of Rotterdam and Eindhoven. These airports, due to the large distance from the Dutch capital, are usually those used by low-cost airlines.


Rotterdam Airport (Rotterdam The Hague Airport) is quite far from Amsterdam. This airport is connected to the city center of Rotterdam by a bus service (RET). The airport is located over 50 km from the Dutch capital.


Eindhoven Airport (Eindhoven Airport) is rather inconvenient for anyone traveling to Amsterdam. This airport is in fact very far more than 110 km from the Dutch capital. However, there are bus services that connect it, in about 90 minutes, with the city of Amsterdam (non-stop express bus Eindhoven Airport-Amsterdam Central Station).

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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