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The climate of Lithuania: when to go to Lithuania

The climate of Lithuania is a type of climate mixed between the maritime climate and the cold climate, the maritime climate prevails only along a narrow strip of land located on the Baltic Sea, while the rest of the country is characterized by a continental climate, which causes short, rainy and mild summers and long, rigid and snowy winters.

In Lithuania, the summers are short and relatively mild, the average summer temperature is about 17°C, but sometimes can be reached during the hottest days, even temperatures of 30°C. During the winter the temperatures are almost always below zero, the coldest month is January, the month in which there are average minimum temperatures of -9°C and average maximum temperatures of -4°C.

Rain falls throughout the year all over the territory, but summer is the wettest season, the heavier rainfall tends to fall on the coast, in fact, the average annual rainfall is 720 millimeters on the coast and only 490 mm in eastern part of the country. Snowfall generally fall between October and April.

Vilnius, the capital, has a continental climate with cold, long and dark winters, the average temperature for the month of January is about -6°C, but in the colder days the temperature can drop to -30°C, during the cold winters the rivers of Vilnius freeze as well as make the lakes surrounding the city.


The best months to visit Lithuania are the most mild and warm months between May and September, these months are also those in which there are more hours of daylight.

Vilnius climate: when to go to Vilnius.


VILNIUS (112 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January -8,7 -3,5 38,9 21,7
February -7,6 -1,7 34,4 18,4
March -3,8 3,3 37,0 17,5
April 1,6 10,7 46,2 10,2
May 7,5 18,2 52,1 12,4
June 10,8 21,1 72,7 11,7
July 12,3 22,1 79,3 11,4
August 11,5 21,6 75,8 10,5
September 7,7 16,4 65,2 9,7
October 3,4 10,2 51,5 13,5
November -0,9 3,5 51,5 16,7
December -5,2 -0,5 49,2 21,2
YEAR 2,4 10,1 653,5 174,9



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