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Lima climate: when to go to Lima

The city of Lima is located in a flat area of the coastal desert of Peru approximately 10 km from the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Because of its location between the sea and the Andes and in a desert area, the city has a unique climate that is a mixture of desert climate and sub-tropical climate. This means that the temperatures are mild, that the precipitations are completely absent, and that the air humidity is high. The total absence of precipitation is balanced by the high humidity that comes from the Pacific Ocean and that makes the sky of Lima frequently cloudy. These climatic characteristics are influenced by the cold Humboldt sea current that runs along the coast of Peru.

Lima is characterized by relatively cool temperatures – for the latitude in which lies the city – and that undergo seasonal variation rather small. The rains are absent, but the clouds covering the skies of the city for most of the year. Lima has only 1,230 hours of sunshine a year, the sunniest months are those which are from December to April. The average annual temperature is 19.2 ° C. The hottest months are those of January, February and March during which the average maximum temperatures exceed 26 ° C, in the month of February reaching 26.8 °. In these months even the average minimum temperatures are high and exceeding 19 ° C. The coldest months are winter ones: July, August and September when average maximum temperatures do not exceed 19 ° C, in the coldest month, August, reach up to 18.8 ° C. The average minimum temperatures mark in August and September 14.8 ° C.

The rains are absent, there is a slight chance of seeing a few drops of rain. In the months from June to November, the fog is persistent and almost constant in the skies of Lima. The winter months of July, August and September are almost always characterized by fog and cloudy sky. The annual average humidity is 83%.


For a visit to Lima and the entire Peruvian coast the best period are the months from October to April. Among these are the best the months between December and April which are the sunniest months and those in which the city is often free from the cold fog that instead of covering it for the rest of the year.


LIMA (34 metres)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 19,4 26,1 0,8  0,7
February 19,8 26,8 0,4  0,7
March 19,5 26,3 0,4  0,7
April 17,9 24,5 0,1  0,3
May 16,4 22,0 0,3  1,1
June 15,6 20,1 0,7  2,3
July 15,2 19,1 1,0  3,0
August 14,9 18,8 1,5  4,1
September 14,9 19,1 0,7  3,1
October 15,5 20,3 0,2  1,2
November 16,6 22,1 0,1  0,4
December 18,2 24,4 0,2  0,5
YEAR 17,2 22,5 6,4  18,2

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