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Desert, Jordan. Author Javier Losa. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution
Desert, Jordan. Author Javier Losa

Jordan climate: when to go to Jordan

The climate in Jordan is affected by the proximity to the sea and the continental features, this results in a climate of transition that leads to discrete rainfall on the slopes of the Judea and Samaria, and a largely desert climate, arid and dry, as we go towards east and south.

The Mediterranean climate is characteristic of most western areas near the coast, the mountains of Judea, have values that sometimes come with an annual precipitation of 1000 mm, but generally totaled between 600 and 800 mm per year. In these areas there is a relatively wet and cool season between November and April and a hot and dry season between May and October.

In areas to the east the rainfall is less, in the Jordan Valley we have 400 mm of rain annually, while in the capital Amman, the annual average is 280 mm. In the desert areas of eastern and southern Jordan the rainfall is below 100 mm per year.

Petra, Jordan. Author Javier Losa. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

Petra, Jordan. Author Javier Losa

All over the country are marked differences in temperature between day and night and in seasonal temperatures. In the capital Amman, the average maximum temperatures vary between 32°C in summer and 12°C in January, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 18°C in summer months and 4°C in winter.

The wind is another factor that characterizes the climate of Jordan, the sirocco (Khamsin) when it blows, it causes a sudden rise in temperature of several degrees, the wind blowing during summer also brings dry air and sand.


The best time to visit Jordan are the months between September and October, and between April and May, season when the temperatures are pleasant and often the weather is nice.


AMMAN (800 metres)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 4,2 12,7 60,6  11,0
February 4,8 13,9 62,8  10,9
March 7,2 17,6 34,1  8,0
April 10,9 23,3 7,1  4,0
May 14,8 27,9 3,2  1,6
June 18,3 30,9 0  0,1
July 20,5 32,5 0  0
August 20,4 32,7 0  0
September 18,3 30,8 0,1  0,1
October 15,1 26,8 7,1  2,3
November 9,8 20,1 23,7  5,3
December 5,8 14,6 46,3  8,4
YEAR 12,5 23,7 245  51,7
Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 21
February 21
March 21
April 22
May 24
June 26
July 28
August 28
September 28
October 26
November 25
December 23

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