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How to get to Antigua and Barbuda. Flights to Antigua


The two islands of Antigua and Barbuda have a single international airport located on the island of Antigua. It is the V. C. Bird International Airport (ANU). The airport is located in the northern part of the island about ten kilometers from the capital of the island St. John’s. Antigua airport is one of the busiest in the Lesser Antilles. This has made the island of Antigua a popular Caribbean destination. This airport is the destination of arrival for those who want to arrive in Antigua.

The island is connected by direct flights with some cities in the United States and Canada as well as by flights with numerous Caribbean islands. There are also flights from Europe especially from the UK to the city of London. British Airways has flights to Antigua departing from London Gatwick Airport in connection with numerous European airports. Virgin Atlantic Airways also has flights departing from London Gatwick Airport to Antigua. So for those who want to get from Europe to this island it is better to fly to London and then take the direct flight to Antigua.

The flight time between Europe and Antigua varies between 10 and 12 hours excluding stops and plane changes.


The island of Barbuda, which is located about 50 km north of Antigua, has a small airport. Here ABM Air flights with Antigua arrive and depart. In addition, there are occasionally some charter flights to nearby islands (Montserrat, Anguilla, Saint Barthélemy). So to reach the island of Barbuda from Antigua the most comfortable way is the fast catamaran Barbuda Express which connects the port of St Johns with the island of Barbuda 5 days a week. The time taken for the crossing is approximately 90 minutes.

The catamaran departs from Antigua in the morning and returns from Barbuda in the afternoon, the service is carried out every day of the week except Sunday and Monday. The ticket cost is approximately US $ 50 one way.

The climate of Antigua and Barbuda.



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