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Guadeloupe: two very different islands and a crown of smaller islands

The island of Guadeloupe is a French overseas department located in the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles, south of Montserrat and Antigua, and north of Dominica, the capital is the city of Basse-Terre.

The department comprises, in addition to the main island of Guadeloupe (1,433 sq km), also the islands of Marie-Galante (158 sq. km) and La Desidare (21 sq. km) and the archipelago of Les Saintes (13 sq km).

The main island of Guadeloupe is actually made up of two separate islands, Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, separated by a stretch of sea off 200 metres, but linked by two bridges.

Basse-Terre (838 sq km), the largest and most mountainous of the two, is of volcanic origin and its highest mountain, the Soufrière (1,467 metres) is a still active volcano, the second island, Grande-Terre (595 sq. km ), is mede of limestone and flat.

The economy is based on agriculture (sugar cane, bananas, tropical fruits), fisheries and tourism. The main products are sugar, bananas, cocoa, coffee, vanilla and rum.


The island of Guadeloupe has a major international airport, the Pointe- à- Pitre International Airport (PTP), connected by scheduled flights to Europe, the Caribbean and North America (U.S. and Canada). The airport is located a few kilometers west of the city of Pointe- à- Pitre in Grande- Terre island of Guadeloupe.

All scheduled flights from Europe leave from France. The Air France flights to Guadeloupe depart from the airports of Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly. While the Air Caraïbes and Corsair International have flights from Paris-Orly. The XL Airways France has flights to Guadeloupe departing from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. The flight time between France and Guadeloupe varies between 9 and 10 hours.

The airport of Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) is also connected to Europe by charter flights.

For those coming from USA  Guadeloupe is connected with Air France and American Airlines flights from Miami International Airport.

For those coming from Canada Guadeloupe is connected with Air Canada flights from Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

  • Area: 1,628 sqkm. (Arable 17%, Pastures 14%, Forests and Woodlands 39%, Uncultivated and Unproductive 30%)
  • Population: 453,000 (2008 data) (Mulattos (descendants of European and African) 65%, Asian 12%, Africans 10%, Europeans 10%).
  • State Capital: Basse-Terre.
  • Language: Official language is French. Used the French Creole.
  • Religion: Christian 95% (Catholic 90%, Protestant 5%), Hinduist 4%.
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time: UTC -4 hours.

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