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Greenland tourist attractions: what to see in Greenland

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The main tourist attractions for the traveler in Greenland are above all the nature and the wonderful arctic landscapes of the country. In Greenland there are fjords, islands, immense glaciers and icebergs. Furthermore, for nature lovers it is also interesting to observe the local fauna. Which is represented by reindeer, musk oxen, white bears, wolves, hares, arctic foxes, seals, whales.

But in Greenland the culture, language, customs and customs of the Eskimo (Inuit) populations should also not be underestimated. Finally, the remains of the ancient medieval Viking settlements scattered in different locations along the southern coasts of the country are also fascinating.


Among the most interesting areas to visit during a trip in the country is Disko bay, located on the west coast, the one facing Canada. Nearby is the main tourist attraction of Greenland, Ilulissat, whose frozen fjord is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the southern part of the west coast is the capital of Greenland, the city of Nuuk, the largest city in the country. Founded by the Danes in the eighteenth century, there are some historical sites, several museums, and many opportunities to buy traditional products of local crafts.

At the southern end of Greenland, the area around the town of Narsarsuaq is another important destination for tourists visiting the country. There are traces of ancient Viking settlements, interesting wildlife, glaciers, a museum dedicated to aviation and a botanical garden of arctic plants (Arboretum Groenlandicum). Near Narsarsuaq is the small village of Igaliku where the remains of the ancient Viking settlement of Garðar dating from the twelfth century are visible.

In the nearby town of Qaqortoq, the Qaqortoq Museum, dedicated to the history of the region, and the Great Greenland Furhouse, where sealskin clothing is produced, are worth visiting. In the nearby Hvalsey fjord are the ruins of the oldest Greenland church dating back to the 12th century.

The east coast area has its main tourist area around the village of Tasiilaq in whose vicinity is the Mittivakkat glacier. The nearby settlement of Kulusuk is the base for visiting the mountains of the island of Apusiaajik and for the area of ​​the Scoresby Sund (Kangertittivaq) area rich in Arctic fauna and spectacular frozen landscapes.


The Northeast National Park, which spans the entire northeastern part of Greenland, is the largest national park in the world. Its surface covers an area of ​​almost one million square kilometers, almost as much as the whole state of Egypt. The protected territory is a wild Arctic paradise with a large wildlife including the largest Arctic predators such as the polar bear, with its sharp claws, and the walrus, with its powerful tusks.

Natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights are also among the main tourist attractions of Greenland. These natural spectacles make a trip to these latitudes unforgettable. Remember that the northern lights occur all year round but can only be seen with a dark and clear night sky, this means that it is more easily visible in the autumn months, but that it can also be seen until March, while disappears from sight on bright summer nights.

Another natural attraction among the most famous is the midnight sun which can be observed from the far north of the country (Qaanaaq) from April 19th until August 24th, while from central Greenland (Uummannaq) the midnight sun is visible. from May 16 to July 28.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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