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Tourist attractions of the Faroe Islands: what to see

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The main tourist attractions of the Faroe Islands are related to nature and the natural beauty of the islands. The islands are of volcanic origin, their rocks are layers of volcanic basalt. The islands are wild and rocky, the coasts are mostly formed by steep cliffs, the Faroe Islands are notable for having the highest sea cliffs in Europe.


The boat trip to the spectacular cliffs of Vestmanna is, in recent years, become a must for every visitor to the Faroes. From Sandoy boat trips are organized to observe the impressive western Sandoy cliffs and the nests on the famous cliffs of Skúvoy. Whale watching and bird watching are other important activities, ornithologists have identified about 300 species of birds in the Faroe Islands.

Other interesting tourist attractions of the Faroe Islands are also the vestiges of the ancient history of the islands. The oldest church preserved in the Faroe Islands is the small parish church of St. Olav in Kirkjubøur, built in the twelfth century. Also in the small village of Kirkjubøur in the island of Streymoy are the large and majestic ruins of the Cathedral of Magnus, which construction began in the early fourteenth century. This is the main historical monument of the Faroe Islands.

The capital of the Faroe Islands, the city of Tórshavn, has a very picturesque wooden houses, an ancient cathedral, a fortress of the sixteenth century (Fort Skansin), and many interesting museums, including the Museum of Art (Listasavn Føroya), the Historical Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

In the oldest part of the city, Tinganes, formed by small wooden houses covered with peat roofs, there is the place where the inhabitants gathered to govern the islands in the 9th century. This is one of the oldest parliaments in Northern Europe. The ancient cathedral of Torshavn, the second oldest church in the country dating from the late 18th century, is also a place to visit.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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