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How to get the Cook Islands. Flights to the Cook Islands


The only way to get to the Cook Islands is by plane. The Cook Islands are located in central Polynesia, in the southern Pacific Ocean. This Polynesian archipelago is located to the east of the archipelagos of the Samoa and Tonga islands and to the west of French Polynesia. The islands of French Polynesia are approximately 2 and a half hours away. While New Zealand is about 4 hours by plane from Rarotonga.

The only international airport in the Cook Islands is Rarotonga, i.e. Rarotonga International Airport (RAR). On your arrival you will probably be greeted by a Polynesian dancer who will dance to welcome tourists.

The most important international connections are guaranteed by Air New Zealand which connects Rarotonga with New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Air Tahiti has regular flights to Tahiti airport in French Polynesia.

Rarotonga airport is the most important airport of the Cook islands and is also the only international airport of the islands. This is practically the arrival point of every tourist who comes to the Cook Islands. The airport is located along the north-western coast of the island about 3 km from Avarua, the capital of the island.

Rarotonga is connected with international flights with French Polynesia (Tahiti), New Zealand (Auckland and Christchurch), the United States (Los Angeles) and Australia (Sydney). The airline with the best connections is Air New Zealand which connects Rarotonga with Auckland, Los Angeles, Sydney.

Virgin Australia has flights to Auckland. While the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia is connected by Air Tahiti and Air Rarotonga flights.

Internal flights connecting Rarotonga with the other islands of the archipelago also depart from this airport. Internal flights are operated by Air Rarotonga, which connects the main island with the islands of Aitutaki, Mauke, Mangaia, Atiu, Manihiki and Mitiaro.


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