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Hungary climate: when to go to Hungary

Hungary’s climate is continental and is characterized by great variability throughout the year and strong temperature differences both daily and seasonally. The Hungarian summer, from June to August, it is very hot, while spring has a mild climate. Autumns are cool, foggy and rainy.

The winters are not too long, the very cold weather usually comes in mid-December, usually cloudy and humid with a few sunny days and frequent, but light, snow. January is the coldest month (-1°C on average) August is the warmest month (21.3°C on average).

The climate is influenced by three main factors: the East European continental zone, the West-European oceanic zone and the Mediterranean influence. Hungary can be divided into three climatic zones: Mediterranean climate in the south, Continental climate in the east and Atlantic climate in the west.

Rainfall is distributed throughout the year with snowfalls in winter, the average annual rainfall is about 500-600 mm. The rainy season is from May to August but also November is one of the rainiest months of the year.

In Budapest there are usually annual average of 11-12°C, with averages in January of around -1°C and averages in July of 22°C. The rainfall on the whole are scarce, usually more abundant in early summer (June-July) with average values ​​in the autumn, the maximum quantities fall on western elevations (about 1,000 mm per year) and lowest quantities fall in the eastern steppe region (less than 600 mm per year) in Budapest fall about 500 mm of precipitation per year.


The best time for a trip to Hungary is the summer, when the weather is warmer. The weather in spring and autumn can be also very enjoyable. So the best months to visit Hungary are those that go from May to October.

Budapest climate.


BUDAPEST (315 metres)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January -1,6 2,9 37  7
February 0,0 5,5 29  6
March 3,5 10,6 30  6
April 7,6 16,4 42  6
May 12,1 21,9 62  8
June 15,1 24,6 63  8
July 16,8 26,7 45  7
August 16,5 26,6 49  6
September 12,8 21,6 40  5
October 7,8 15,4 39  5
November 2,9 7,7 53  7
December 0,0 4,0 43  7
YEAR 7,8 15,3 532  78

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