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Hungary tourist attractions: what to see in Hungary

Hungary, which was until the end of World War I part of the great Habsburg Empire, Austria-Hungary, of which the country was an important part, because of its geographical position, has been a crossroads since the Middle Ages of the peoples and cultures of Europe.

This condition is also reflected in the art of Hungarian towns, the local food made ​​of a mixture German, Turkish, French and Italian flavors, traditions, folklore and traditional customs of the people who live there.

The main attraction of the country and often unique destination of most tourists visiting Hungary is undoubtedly the picturesque Budapest, one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, with its monuments and palaces, cafes, lively art and music scene, and with its many cultural and recreational events.

But also the Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea with its many resorts, spas is a very popular destination in the summer. Among the most beautiful destinations are themedieval and baroque cities of Hungarian plains as Sopron, Pécs, Győr and Eger, some of which also show the imprint of Ottoman domination.

Fascinating are the fairytale castles as Fertőd, known as the Versailles of Hungary, or the castle of Siklós and the Renaissance castle of Sárospatak. The rustic villages of the Hungarian plain, like those in the region of Mezőkövesd, or the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the village of Holloko near Nógrád, the karst in the north-eastern border with Slovakia with the caves of Aggtelek, the pastoral landscape of Puszta in Hortobágy National Park, and the Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma with its natural environment, are others places worth a trip.

Among other reasons for a visit to Hungary are the food and fine wines, such as those produced in the region of Tokaj, Villány and Lake Balaton, the relaxing spas (Hévíz, Gárdony, Balatonfüred, Zsóry etc..), and birdwatching in some of the best places suitable for this purpose in Europe.

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