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Cannes: a renowned tourist center of the French Riviera

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Cannes is a famous seaside resort on the French Riviera which is located 36 km from Nice, 55 km from Monaco and 60 km from the Italian border. The city has about 79,000 inhabitants that become 300,000 with the urban area. The city stands on the eastern bank of the Siagne floodplain, and along the shores of the Mediterranean sea. In the sea in front of the city lies the archipelago of the Lérins islands and to the south-west is the mountainous massif of Estérel.


Cannes is undoubtedly a renowned tourist center on the French Riviera. The city is also known worldwide for the famous International Film Festival. The Festival takes place annually during some weeks of May starting in 1946.

The inhabited center of Cannes developed in the Middle Ages as a small Ligurian fishing village. In the 14th century, when the county of Nice passed under the control of the Savoy, the Var river became the border between the county of Nice and Provence. During this period Cannes, located across the river, became a border town between Provence and Savoy.

In 1481 Provence and with it Cannes became part of the kingdom of France. Since the 19th century the city has become a renowned and well-known seaside, climatic and worldly resort on the French Riviera.

Located along the French Riviera, thanks to its mild climate and its beaches it is above all an important holiday and worldly resort. In the city there are three casinos: the “Palm Beach”, the “Croisette” and “Les Princes”.

Among the attractions of the city, especially noteworthy is the famous Croisette promenade, dotted with palm trees. The Vieux Port, the Le Suquet district and the old city of Cannes. Finally, just 20 minutes by boat from the city is the beautiful nature reserve of the Lérins islands.

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This post is also available in: Deutsch

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