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Tsongmo lake: a glacial lake in the Himalayas

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Tsongmo Lake or Changu Lake is a lake of glacial origin that is located in the Sikkim region of India. This lake is located at 3,870 meters high in the Himalaya mountains near the border with China. The road leading to the Himalayan pass of Nathu La (4,310 meters), which connects China to India, runs alongside the northern shore of the lake.

Tsongmo Lake is about a kilometer long and has an average depth of 14 meters. The body of water is located only 40 km from the capital of the region, the city of Gangtok. The lake, which in winter freezes completely, is considered sacred by the Hindu and Buddhist populations of Sikkim. In fact, on its banks there is a small temple dedicated to Shiva.

The lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Sikkim and can be reached in two and a half hours by bus via the road that leads to the Nathu La pass.

The lake is the resting place for many migratory birds. Other birds and aquatic species also live there. In the area of the lake there is also the Lesser Panda or Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens).

The best time to visit the lake are especially the months between May and August when the climate is milder and the vegetation around the lake is enriched with flowers.



This post is also available in: Deutsch

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