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The climate of Chad: when to go to Chad

Chad, due to its extension from north to south, has different types of climate, the climates vary mainly according to the amount of rain, the north and part of the center of the country is subject to the desert climate, the central area, called Sahel, has a semi-desert climate, while the far south has a semi-tropical climate.

In the south of the country the rainy season runs from May to October. While in the central area, the so-called Sahel, it reduces to the months between June and September. Finally, in the southern belt, on average, between 750 and 1,250 mm of rain fall in a year.

In the Sahel area, where the capital N’Djamena is also located, there are average values of about 300/600 mm of rain per year. In desert regions, rainfall is very low, in Faya-Largeau, for example, there is less than 30 mm of rain per year.

The average maximum temperatures in the capital N’Djamena vary between 35 ° C in April and 27 ° C in August, December and January. While the average minimum temperatures vary between 14 ° C in December and January and 26 ° C in May.

In the far north, in Faya-Largeau, there are average maximum temperatures that vary between 42 ° C in June and 26 ° C in January, the average minimum temperatures vary between 13 ° C in January and 26 ° C of June, August and September.

In the south, in Moundou, the differences in average maximum temperatures are less marked, passing from 29 ° C in August to 38 ° C in March and April, even the minimum average temperatures undergo slight variations, between 14 ° C in December and 24 ° C in April.


Chad’s climate is very hot so the best months for a trip to Chad are the coolest months between November and January.


N’DJAMENA (298 meters)
MonthAverage low temperature (° C)Average high temperature (°C)Precipitation (mm)Precipitation days
January14,332,40,0 0
February16,635,20,0 0
March21,038,70,3 1
April24,841,010,3 3
May25,839,925,8 6
June24,737,251,0 9
July23,133,5143,8 13
August22,431,6174,4 15
September22,733,784,3 9
October21,836,920,3 3
November17,835,80,1 1
December14,833,50,0 0
YEAR20,835,8510,3 60
FAYA-LARGEAU (245 meters)
MonthAverage low temperature (° C)Average high temperature (°C)Precipitation (mm)Precipitation days
January13,626,40,0 0
February15,029,40,0 0
March 18,433,60,0 0
April22,439,10,1 1
May25,041,00,4 1
June26,142,10,3 1
July25,841,03,0 2
August26,040,27,0 3
September25,939,80,8 1
October22,536,50,1 1
November17,931,10,0 0
December14,427,60,0 0
YEAR21,135,711,7 10
MOUNDOU (413 meters)
MonthAverage low temperature (° C) Average high temperature (°C)Precipitation (mm)Precipitation days
January15,134,10,0 0
February18,336,70,2 1
March22,538,64,6 2
April24,238,039,2 5
May23,535,789,8 9
June22,132,3147,7 12
July21,230,2257,8 15
August21,029,8284,8 19
September20,830,7200,1 13
October21,033,157,1 7
November17,435,11,5 2
December14,634,20,0 0
YEAR20,134,01082,8 85

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