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Slovakia tourist attractions: what to see in Slovakia

Slovakia is a small country but it has within it interesting natural and artistic references, t the country has towns of clearly Habsburg appearance, castles, mountains, lakes, caves and karst formations, ancient medieval villages with beautiful wooden architecture.

Among the cities the Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, located along the Danube River and dominated by a medieval fortress has interesting Renaissance and Baroque buildings, and is the ideal starting point of any itinerary in Slovakia.

Among the historic towns to visit are Bardejov, with an intact medieval center, Banská Bystrica, an historic town with a beautiful square and a tourist center of the Low Tatras. Nitra, dominated by a castle and with several beautiful churches, Košice, located in the eastern part of the country has a well-preserved historic center. Other beautiful towns are Banská Štiavnica, Levoča and Trnava.

The High Tatras are after Bratislava the destination most visited by tourists in Slovakia, these sharp mountains, full of woods and lakes, are now protected as a national park, and are a paradise for hikers and those who practice winter sports, the ski resort of Vysoké Tatry is the main center for winter sports in the country.

The castle of Spiš (Spišský Hrad) is one of the largest medieval castle complexes in Central Europe and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fairytale castle of Bojnice, in one of the oldest spa towns in Slovakia, is another magical place, as well as the castle of Oravský Podzámok located near the border with Poland and considered the most beautiful castle in the country. In Slovakia there are valuable wooden architectures such as those found in the village of Vlkolínec and the wooden churches of the Carpathian Mountains, which UNESCO has included among the World Heritage sites.

Spa tourism is another important item of the tourist industry in the country, in the north-central part of the country, close to the beautiful town of Žilina, are the spas of Rajecké Teplice and Turčianske Teplice, not far not far from the border with the Czech Republic is the spa towns of Trenčianske Teplice. Close to the beautiful historic town of Banská Bystrica are the spa town of Sliač and Sklené Teplice. The most important spa in Slovakia is located just north-east of the capital Bratislava and is the town of Piešťany. Others notable spas are Bojnice, Dudince and Bardejovské Kúpele, near Bardejov.

The area of the Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras) forms the largest karst area of Central Europe, it is part of the UNESCO world heritage sites, and consists of more than a thousand caves, the caves are accessible to tourists are those of Jasovská, Gombasecká, Domica, and Krásnohorská.

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