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Qatar climate: when to go to Qatar

The climate of Qatar is desert-like, arid, warm and dry throughout the year. The country has an arid and warm climate especially during the summer (May to September), great is the humidity along the coast, the scarce rains are concentrated in winter. Sand storms are common during the winter and spring.

The few Rainfall is concentrated in the months between December and April. The country has an average of less than 9 days of rain per year. The wettest month is February with an average of 17 mm of rainfall spread over 2 days of rain per month. The average annual rainfall is 70 mm.

As in all areas of desert notable is the difference in temperature between day and night. The average maximum temperature in the capital Doha vary between 41 ° C in July and 21 ° C in January, the average minimum temperatures vary between 29 ° C in July and 13 ° C in January. The hours of sunshine are more than 3,400 per year.


The best time for a visit of Qatar are the months between November and February.


DOHA (2 metres)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 13,5 22,0 13,2  1,7
February 14,4 23,4 17,1  2,1
March 17,3 27,3 16,1  1,8
April 21,4 32,5 8,7  1,4
May 26,1 38,8 3,6  0,2
June 28,5 41,6 0  0
July 30,2 41,9 0  0
August 30,0 40,9 0  0
September 27,7 38,9 0  0
October 24,6 35,4 1,1  0,1
November 20,4 29,6 3,3  0,2
December 15,6 24,4 12,1  1,3
YEAR 22,5 33,0 75,2  8,8

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