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Guam: an American military base in the Pacific

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Guam (Guåhan) is an island with a statute as an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. This island is located in the eastern Pacific Ocean, north of the Federated States of Micronesia. The island is geographically part of the Mariana archipelago, of which it is the largest (541 sq km) and the southernmost island. The main city and the capital of the territory is Agana (Hagåtña), which is located in the center of the west coast of the island.

The northern part of the island is formed by a plateau of coral formation, while the southern part, mainly hilly, is of volcanic origin. The highest point of Guam is Mount Lamlam (406 meters) which is located in the south of the island. A coral reef surrounds the island. Most of the population mainly resides in the central and northern part of the island. South-west of Guam, in the maritime space of the Federated States of Micronesia, is the Challenger Abyss, the deepest ocean trench in the world (-10,911 meters), which is part of the Mariana Trench.


The inhabitants of Guam are known by the name of Chamorros and profess the Catholic religion, legacy of Spanish colonization. The island was in fact discovered in 1521 by the Spanish expedition led by the Portuguese Magellan and was a Spanish colony until 1898. The official languages of Guam are English and Chamorro. The latter is a Malaysian-Polynesian language with profound Spanish influences.

Guam’s economy is mainly based on the presence of the military and the US military installations. In addition to activities related to military bases, the shipbuilding and oil refining sectors are developed. Agriculture is also an important economic activity. There are cultivated maize, batata, taro, cassava, vegetables, citrus fruits, fruit, sugar cane, bananas and coconuts. Other activities of a certain importance are breeding (cattle and pigs) and fishing.

Finally, the Guam tourism industry has been booming in recent decades. The island is in fact a privileged destination for Japanese tourists. The flight from Asia is relatively short. The island has a good supply of hotels and seven public golf courses. The tourist center of Tumon is home to over 20 large hotels and numerous other attractions including a large aquarium, a multitude of large shopping centers and other places for shopping and entertainment.

The page of the Government of Guam.

  • Area: 541 sqkm.
  • Population: 170,000 (2019 data) (Chamorros 57%, Filipino 25%, Whites 10%, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).
  • State Capital: Agana (Hagåtña).
  • Languages: Official languages are English and Chamorro.
  • Religion: Christian 95% (Catholic 85%, Protestant 10%).
  • Currency: American Dollar (USD).
  • Time: UTC +10 hours.

This post is also available in: Deutsch