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Romania climate: when to go to Romania

Romania, due to its location in the south-eastern Europe, has a temperate continental climate of transition, with four distinct seasons, where temperatures vary significantly on a seasonal basis, but such changes will mitigate approaching the sea.

The climatic seasons of Romania have the characteristics of continental climate with hot and rainy summers, mild and pleasant springs and autumns, and winters long and cold, with frequent snowfalls. Very cold and full of snow and fog are the Romanian winters, temperatures often have values ​​of many degrees below zero, the snow period is between December and March.

Very cold and rich of snow and fog are the Romanians winters, the temperature values ​​are often many degrees below freezing, the snow is between December and March.

The Carpathian mountains block the climatic continental influences of Ukraine plains, causing icy winters and little rain to the south and southeast. At the extreme south-east, the influences of the sea offer a mild maritime climate.

Average annual rainfall is about 630 millimeters in central Transylvania, 520 millimeters at Iasi in Moldavia, and only 380 mm in Constanta on the Black Sea. The amount of precipitation decreases from west to east and from mountains to plains, some mountain areas receive more than 1,000 mm of rain each year.

The sea water temperature in the Black Sea reaches the maximum value in August with 24°C, however, between June and September the water temperature remains above 21°C.


The best time to visit Romania starts from late April until early July and from late August to late October, with temperatures generally mild and pleasant.


BUCHAREST (70 metres)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days (snowy days)
January -4,8 2,8 37  6 (8)
February -4,0 5,5 37  6 (7)
March 0,1 11,4 44  9 (5)
April 4,9 18,0 50  11 (1)
May 9,6 24,0 56  12
June 13,6 27,7 83  11
July 15,4 29,8 70  9
August 14,9 29,8 56  8
September 10,5 24,6 64  8
October 5,4 17,9 53  10 (0,3)
November 0,6 9,8 46  10 (3)
December -3,4 3,8 48  9 (7)
YEAR 5,2 17,1 643  109 (31)
Month Sea Water Temperature °C
January 7
February 7
March 7
April 10
May 15
June 21
July 23
August 24
September 22
October 17
November 13
December 9

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