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The climate of Yemen: when to go to Yemen

The climate of Yemen varies according to altitude. The country can be divided into three climatic zones. The first area is the coastal strip along the Red Sea, called the Tihama. This is a hot and humid semi-desert region. The second climatic zone includes the central highlands. Finally, the third climatic zone includes the Wadi Hadramawt with the eastern part of the country and the far north.

The southern coastal zone and Tihama are humid all year round and very hot, but with low rainfall, which occur twice a year between March and April and between July and September. The average maximum temperatures are 28°C in winter and 37°C in summer. Precipitation is very low, with an annual average of 130 mm.

The central highlands are hot in summer but in winter, between October and March, the nights can be very cold, with frequent frosts. The climate of Yemeni highlands is considered the best climate of the Arabian Peninsula. In the capital Sana’a highest average temperatures vary between 25°C in winter and 30°C in summer. The rains occur twice a year between March and May and between July and September. The average rainfall increases with height, the lower part of the highlands receives between 400 and 500 mm of rain a year, while in higher areas will exceed 750 mm of rain a year.

The far north regions and that of Wadi Hadramawt in the eastern part of the country, are very hot, especially between June and September, and very dry, with average maximum temperatures of 25°C in December and 37°C in June.


The best time for a trip in Yemen are the months between September and October and between April and May.

Climate of Socotra.


SANA’A (2250 meters)
Month Average low (°C) Average high (°C) Precip. (mm) Precip. days
January 3,0 22,3 5  2
February 3,6 24,7 5  3
March 7,0 25,6 17  4
April 8,5 24,8 48  5
May 10,4 25,7 29  5
June 10,5 28,2 6  4
July 13,4 26,6 50  4
August 13,3 25,9 77  5
September 10,6 23,1 13  3
October 7,9 22,2 2  3
November 5,5 20,3 8  2
December 4,4 20,5 5  1
YEAR 8,2 24,3 265  41

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