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Benin tourist attractions: what to see in Benin

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Benin is an interesting country for the traveler. Among the most interesting tourist attractions of Benin we find the many ethnic groups that populate the country and that have preserved their peculiarities and their tribal traditions. Also in the country there are traditions and animist cults and curious traditions that refer to fetishism. Benin is also known for the picturesque vestiges of the Abomey kingdom. But among the tourist attractions of Benin there are also valuable natural scenarios such as those that can be admired in the Atakora mountains. Which are characterized by woods, waterfalls and lakes.


UNESCO has included 1 Benin site in the list of World Heritage Sites: the Royal Palace of Abomey (1985, 2007). The Royal Palace of Abomey is the residence of the kings of the kingdom of Abomey, a place where the kings who succeeded each other in the government of the Kingdom of Abomey lived between 1625 and 1900. Each king built a residence within a common area surrounded by a wall. This was done by all kings with the sole exception of King Akaba, who built his palace in a separate area. The royal palaces of Abomey are a unique and excellently preserved construction of this vanished kingdom.

Very interesting for a more detailed visit of the country are also the Abomey Historical Museum (Musée Historique d’Abomey), the Great Market of Danktokpa (Grand Marché du Danktokpa) and the Portuguese Fort of São João Baptista de Ajudá in Ouidah with its museum. Among the natural attractions there is also the Pendjari National Park (Parc National de Pendjari), a wild park located 45 km north of Natitingou, near the border with Burkina Faso. In this park it is possible to sight and photograph lions, leopards, elephants, baboons, hippos and other African animals.

The climate of Benin.

This post is also available in: Deutsch

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