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Iceland tourist attractions: what to see in Iceland

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The tourist attractions of Iceland are purely naturalistic and natural. This island has a spectacular landscape made of majestic glaciers and snow-capped peaks, hot jets of water and steaming sulphates. Active volcanoes, impetuous rivers and waterfalls, birds, whales.


The capital city, Reykjavik is one of the most vibrant, sophisticated and modern European cities. The midnight sun is another of the tourist attractions of Iceland. In fact, in June, the sun never sets in the north of the country. During this period there are also special excursions to the island of Grímsey on the Arctic Circle where it is possible to observe the midnight sun.

The Aurora Borealis is another spectacle of Icelandic nature. During the long winter nights, the Northern Lights are often visible in Iceland. The area of Lake Myvatn which is located in the north of the island is a concentrate of volcanic phenomena. With basaltic rocks, volcanic formations, but also a paradise of flora and fauna, with the presence of thousands of birds and many species of flowers.

Also in the north of the island, east of Akureyri, there are two important waterfalls. Goðafoss waterfalls, which are among the most photographed, 30 meters wide and 12 meters high. And the Dettifoss waterfalls, among the most impressive in Iceland with a jump of 45 meters and a width of 150 meters. In the area there is also the canyon of Ásbyrgi dominated by a 25 meters high rock.

Other attractions are the Thingvellir (site of the oldest parliament in the world). The Gullfoss (the largest waterfalls in Europe) and Geysir (the geyser from which the name with which geysers are called around the world derives). The Vatnajökull in Southeast Iceland is the largest glacier in Europe. The Blue Lagoon, a unique natural pool with geothermal sea water (37-39 ° C) in the middle of a moss-covered lava field, is one of the most interesting places to visit in Iceland.

The climate of Iceland.



This post is also available in: Čeština Deutsch polski

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