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How to get to Bulgaria: flights, trains, buses, ferries


The main airport in Bulgaria are: Sofia airport, Varna airport, Bourgas airport and Plovdiv airport. The airport in the capital Sofia is the main airport of the country it has direct or connecting flights with most of the European capitals. The airports of Varna and Burgas serve the seaside resorts along the Bulgarian Black Sea, and are connected mainly by charter flights.

The airports along the coast of the Black Sea have more frequent flights during the summer, during this time in the airports of Varna and Bourgas many charter flights land from major European airports, but also the scheduled flights intensify their frequency during the summer.

The airport in the capital Sofia is better served by direct or indirect flights from the United Kingdom and other European nations. To reach the resorts on the Black Sea coast from the main European cities it is sometimes necessary to make a stopover in Sofia.

Domestic transport: There are domestic flights between Sofia, Varna and Bourgas.


International Transportation: Visit Bulgaria arriving by train requires a substantial availability of time. There are not direct train connections, so you need to make several changes.

Domestic transport: Express trains and express trains connect the capital with the country’s major cities.


International Transport: There are bus connections with Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, from these countries you can go to the other European countries.

Domestic transport: The bus network is extensive and quite cheap.

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