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Itinerary in Iran. An itinerary of 15 nights and 16 days

Itinerary in Iran is written by Farzad Mohammadi

This is an example of a guided tour of 15 nights and 16 days in Iran. This tour offers you the opportunity to visit the most beautiful historic cities of Iran in a friendly atmosphere: Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Abiyane and Kashan. In additional you can see how to made Iranian handcrafts such as Iranian carpet, Miniator, Khatam and also you can make it with your hands in our workshop (great experience). You will see a lot of historical places of 2500 years ago untill now and  you’ll become familiar with Technique of architectural building. You will also become familiar with famous Iranian poet like Sa’adi and Hafiz that they lived 800 years ago. Join us and get unbelievable experience with our experts of architecture, archeology and art.


1st day: Appointment … at the airport, arriving at Tehran …. , to the shiraz hotel (3*) Tehran.


2nd day: 08:30 am visiting the National Museum of Iran, Museum of Royal Jewels, lunch in a traditional Iranian restaurant, the afternoon visits of the Golestan Palace, the Bazaar of Tehran, and Abgineh museum.


3rd day: 08:30 am visits of the Palace of Saadabad, the Museum of the Carpet, The grand church of Serkis, 3:00 pm arriving tp kashan 7:30 pm to the traditional hotel manouchehri (3*)Kashan.

4th day: visits of the Historic House of Tabatabaies, the House of Brodjerdies, the mosque of Agabozorg, lunch, visit of the traditional carpet workshop (making the color for carpet).

5th Day: visit of the Archeological site of Sailk. In the afternoon visits to the Bazaar of Kashan and the old downtown.

6th day: arriving toward abiyane at 8 am,visiting the historic village of abiyane, 3pm driving toward natanz, visiting the historic place of abdolsamad .driving toward esfahan, 8 pm to the hotel sheikh e bahayi (3*)Isfahan.


7 th day: the place (square) of Naghché-Jahan. Mosque of Chah Abbas, Mosque of ChikhLotfolah, Chehel Soton Palace Ali-Ghapo palace, visiting the traditional carpet workshop (carpet design).

8 th day: the itinerary in Iran continues with a visit to the shahrestan bridge, 33pol bridge, khadjo bridge. 2 pm visiting the traditional carpet workshop (how can make the iranian carpet).

9th day: visiting the oldtown of Esfahan (from 1200 years ago, the grand jome mosque of esfahan. 2pm visiting the historic faculty of carpet (art university of Esfahan).


10 th day:11 am on the way toward shiraz visiting the historic site of pasargades and naghshe rostam, the evening in the hotel jam e jam (3*) shiraz.

11 th day: 7 am.visiting darvaze quran, 9 am. Visiting the historic site of Perspolis, 3pm visiting the grave of Hafiz.

12 th day: 8am visiting the Mosque of Nasirelmolk, the Garden of Gholshan, the Museum of Narengestan,4pm vising the grave of saadi.

13 th day: visit of the Bazaar of Vakil, the citadel of Karimkhan.


14 th day: 08:30 am in the hotel hatam Yazd (3 *). Visiting the Bazaar of Yazd ,Badguir Dowlat, Grand mosque of Yazd. Visit of Atashgah, the Tours of Silence.

15 th day: 8:30 am towards Meybod visiting historic villages Chakchak and Kharanagh. Narin Qal’eh (castle dating back almost 2,000 years ago).

16 th day: flight towards ….

The tour includes:
– internal transport in an air conditioned minibus.
– half board pension ( breakfast and lunch ).
– the expenses of entrance in museums.
– the services of an English & Italian & German-speaking local tour leaders.
– accommodation in a double room, 3 star hotels.

The tour does not include:
– Visa fees (the amount is different according to the nationality).
– the cancellation insurance.
– property and casualty insurance.
– diners.
– tips and personal expenses.

Live the Diversity in Iran: Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Abyane, Kashan

“Live the diversity of Iran” the tour project that offers you the opportunity to visit the most beautiful historic cities of Iran in a friendly atmosphere, in additional you can see how to made Iranian handicrafts such as Iranian carpet, and also you can make it with your hand!

For information about the tours in Iran contact Farzad Mohammadi – Live the Diversity in Iran
E-mail: livethediversity.iran@gmail.com

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