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Greenland climate: when to go to Greenland

Greenland has an Arctic climate, but the large size of the island cause some climatic differences. In Greenland the sudden changes in climate are common occurrences, and during a trip you must be prepared for all types of weather conditions. ...

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Greenland tourist attractions: what to see in Greenland

The main attraction for tourists in Greenland are the nature and the beautiful Arctic landscapes of the country, with fjords, islands, immense glaciers and icebergs, for nature lovers interesting is also the observation of the local fauna, represented by reindeer, ...

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Greenland: an island of ice

Greenland (Grønland; Kalaallit Nunaat) is a huge ice island extending mostly north of the Arctic Circle between 83° and 59° north latitude. This huge island is the largest island of the world with a total area of ​​over two million ...

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