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The climate of Angola: when to go to Angola

Angola has a remarkable variety of climatic zones. The north of the country has a hot and humid tropical climate. Going south the climate of Angola becomes drier until it becomes desert in the far south towards the border with ...

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Angola: spectacular and unspoiled scenery

Angola (República de Angola/Republic of Angola) is a presidential republic and situated in southwestern Africa. It used to be a Portuguese colony (overseas province). It is washed to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and is bordered to the north ...

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The climate of Algeria: when to go to Algeria

The climate of Algeria varies considerably from north to south. The coastal area has a Mediterranean climate, while the highlands south of the coast have hot summers and cold winters with little rain. In large parts of the country there ...

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Algeria tourist attractions: what to see in Algeria

Algeria is a vast and beautiful country, one of the most interesting to visit of Mediterranean Africa. There are in fact many sights and tourist attractions in Algeria. The capital Algiers has an interesting old town and some fine museums. ...

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Algeria: spectacular deserts and ancient Roman cities

Algeria (Al-Jumhūrīya al-Jazā’irīya ad-dīmūqrātīya ash-sha’bīya/People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria) is a semipresidential republic in Northwest Africa. It has an area of more than 2,381,000 sq km and is thus the country with the largest area in Africa. Its capital is ...

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