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Fiji climate: when to go to Fiji

Waya, Yasawa, Fiji. Author Miguel Sanchez (Miguel Sancheese). Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

Fiji have a tropical maritime climate, hot and humid but tempered by trade winds, rainfall is frequent especially between November and April, and generally are higher on the eastern and south eastern slopes that are more exposed to trade winds. ...

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Fiji: paradise of tropical islands

Yasawa, Fiji. Author Tim Parkinson. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution

The Fiji Islands (Republic of Fiji, Viti Matanitu Ko) are an arcipaelago located in the South Pacific, between 16° and 20° 30′ latitude south, and 177° longitude east and 177° 30′ longitude west, east of Vanuatu Islands, west of Tonga ...

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