The planet earth is the only planet in the entire universe that we know where life has developed. We dedicate our passion to life on Earth in all its forms. The third planet in order of distance from the Sun is a treasure chest of life in the solar system, and to date, as far as we know, the only one in the whole universe where there are forms of life.


Through what we write we would love to help you to travel better and to admire the beauty that surrounds us. Often we are delighted by spectacular natural scenery like the Grand Canyon or the Iguacu Falls, these are things unique, as is every living being on this planet. Let us commit ourselves to be more sensitive towards everything that surrounds us and we try to do everything possible to allow future generations to admire the beauty of our planet.


When you travel the world, or even when you do a simple walk around your house, stop to observe the beauty of what surrounds you. This is the essence of life. And remember that this is the only place that we know in the universe where life exists: treat it well!


Mankind is divided by cultural, linguistic, racial, religious and political barriers, but remember that the Earth is belongs to us all, it is our only home. Let's all help to preserve it as best as possible. Even a small gesture in our daily life can be helpful.


This site is a travel guide with detailed information on every nation in the world, especially with regard to the climate, places to visit and attractions. But there is also information on how to get, how to get around and where to stay with the option to book hotels and rent cars in every nation of the world.


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